Hire New CFO, Microsoft Present NuAds Results, DG Announce ACR Partnerships

Vincent Flood 09 January, 2013 CFO, Timothy, the programmatic video ad marketplace, have brought in former Yahoo! CFO Timothy R. Morse to take on the newly created role of Chief Financial Officer. Morse held the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer positions with Yahoo! from June 2009 to October 2012, where he was responsible for finance, investor relations, facilities, procurement and mergers & acquisitions. He also served as the company’s Interim CEO from September 2011 to January 2012. As CFO of, Morse will be responsible for finance, M&A and human resources, while also preparing the corporate and financial infrastructure for the next stage of the company’s growth.

Microsoft Say NUads Delivering Stellar Engagement Rates

Xbox Live NUadsMicrosoft have announced the engagement results of the first NUads campaign, which use voice and gesture commands to engage with the ad. The first campaign was based around interactive polling, which it ran for Subway and Toyota in the autumn of 2012 on Xbox LIVE across the US, Canada and the UK. On average saw the following results with their ads on Xbox LIVE. According to Microsoft:

  • Thirty-seven percent of viewers engaged with NUads when prompted with the option to vote.
  • Out of which seventy-one percent voted in the poll.
  • Ninety-seven percent of those participants saw their vote included in the final tally of votes from the consumers who responded.

“When we launched NUads, we redefined the 30-second spot,” said Ross Honey, general manager of Xbox LIVE Entertainment and Advertising. “These results show that NUads is a real breakthrough in TV advertising, and you can expect more investment from us when it comes to this new ad format and video advertising in general.”

DG Announce Second Screen Partnerships to Enhance Syncing Capabilities

DGDG have announced two new partnerships that will enable is to deliver second second screen campaigns using automated content recognition (ACR). The TV ad tech company will be working with Audible Magic and Civolution, both of whom can enable mobile devices to sync with TV advertising. DG Mediamind can then serve through matching (or perhaps competitive) online ads via the Mediamind ad platform. Audible Magic’s tech uses ‘digital fingerprinting’, which identifies the audio using the company’s SmartID ACR technology.

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