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Worth a Look: Addressable TV Ads Might – Finally – Be Ready for Prime Time

Vincent Flood  04 September, 2012

Dish Network LogoAddressable TV advertising has finally kicked off in the US, with Dish Network running a campaign for insurance company Allstate, reports Ad Age. American’s second largest insurer has kicked off a campaign renter’s insurance, which will reach  US TV viewers who rent, rather than own, their homes. The campaign will require an interesting blend of third-party data and subscriber information:

Using addressable ads, marketers can predetermine the type of consumer who will see their commercials. In this case, Allstate is taking consumer data widely available from firms such as Experian, Epsilon and Axicom, along with subscriber information from Dish and DirecTV, and using all this to pinpoint renters. In other words, if the subscriber is a homeowner, the commercial is not supposed to appear on the TV screen. By using both DirecTV and Dish, Allstate’s new-technology commercials will reach about 15 million households.

Interestingly, Tracey Scheppach, exec VP-innovations at Publicis Groupe’s SMGX, speculates in the article about how TV could win additional budget from traditional DR channels like direct mail. An equally interesting prospect would be the thought of data-driven digital performance players going the other way, even before TV is delivered online – might we start seeing companies like Criteo and Tradedoubler buying TV?

You can read the full article here.

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