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Viral Ad Network Launches Self-Service Video Seeding Platform

Vincent Flood 22 August, 2012 

Viral Ad Network LogoViral Ad Network (or ‘VAN’ – and they had it first) have launched a new self-service platform that allows advertisers to seed their social video campaigns themselves. The platform allows users to create their own custom video player, using YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.  The service is designed to be simple to use and allows smaller advertisers to set up their own social video campaign. Budgets for using the service range from £500 (or $750) to £5000 (or $7500) and the pricing is on a cost-per-view (CPV) basis.

Advertisers can target audiences by their interests and using country level geo-targeting. Chris Quigley, Viral Ad Network co-founder said “Our new self-service platform’s designed to be a quick and easy way for advertisers to launch their viral video campaigns.  With agencies and brands creating opting for content-based campaigns, VAN’s self-service app empowers them to kick off their campaigns with the click of a button.”



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