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Completed Views More Valuable to Advertisers than CTR, say VINDICO

Vincent Flood 12 April, 2012 

Vindico InsightsA report published by ad management platform VINDICO states that users who watch entire ads are more valuable to advertisers then users who actually click on video ads. VINDICO say their data suggests that click-through rate should be regarded as the ‘King of False Positives’, while more value should be given to ‘completers’ who are more likely to engage with a brand.

“People who click on a video ad often do so just to ‘make the ad go away,’ but those who watch an ad through to the end are highly likely to engage with the brand,” said Matt Timothy, President of VINDICO. “Advertisers need to seriously reconsider their view of click-throughs as some kind of golden metric of ROI in video advertising. Our data indicates that video ads based solely on click-through rates are inaccurately measuring the impact of their campaigns. Completion rate is a far more accurate indicator of success.”

VINDICO’S report was conducted in-house and was based on the analysis of 30 billion video ad impressions delivered by VINDICO in 2010 and 2011. Of viewers who navigated beyond the brands’ landing pages, 96 percent had previously completed the brands’ video ads without clicking it. That contrasted strongly with clickers; only 4 percent of deeper brand page traffic came from users who had clicked on the ads.


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