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Solve Media Introduce Pre-Roll ‘TYPE-Ins’ to Bypass Pre-Roll Ads

Vincent Flood  06 March, 2012

Solve Media LogoSolve Media have created a new solution that enables users to bypass pre-roll ads by typing in a brand name, a strapline or a campaign slogan. ‘TYPE-INs’ are designed to ensure there is some level of meaningful interaction with an ad, while also giving the user the sense that they have the power to skip the ad to get to the content.

Solve Media say their system is an alternative to YouTube-style ad-skipping and significantly boosts awareness, recall, favourability and intent. You can try the ads out for yourself here. It’s going to be interesting to see how users respond to TYPE-INs – will they be perceived as a helpful way to get to content quicker, or will users feel they’re being coerced by brands?

Here’s the Solve Media video explaining more:

And here’s an infographic explaining the thinking and research behind TYPE-INs:

Solve Media Infographic

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