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Tubemogul Launch ‘Triple Screening’ Brand Safety

Vincent Flood  31 January, 2012

Tubemogul LogoTubeMogul have have launched what they call ‘triple-screening’ for brand safety. Ad exchanges are sometimes associated with low quality ad inventory, so providing safe contexts for brand-oriented video advertisers is essential. Though it might pick up some performance budget, it’s very hard for video to compete with the relatively low cost of channels like display advertising. Tubemogul say their toolkit includes three layers of safety: SiteSafe for site-level quality screening, PageSafe to identify inappropriate content at the page-level and PlaySafe to block imitation pre-roll ads that auto-play on web pages where the viewer did not intend to watch a video.

From the press release:

“SiteSafe is the first and simplest line of defense. Before a site is added to the over 30,000 sites available to choose from on TubeMogul’s platform, it undergoes a curated screening process. A team of editors continually reviews every site for content quality, splitting each site into one of four tiers, from clear “tier one” sites like top television broadcasters to more niche “tier three” sites. Fraudulent, misleading and generally less-premium sites, while they may be available from exchanges and platforms, are not approved for TubeMogul’s platform.

PageSafe integrates Proximic’s real-time, page-level analysis into media buys. Before TubeMogul bids on an impression, every page is categorized by Proximic to make sure it matches a specific content category; any objectionable content is also flagged in real time. If objectionable content is found on the page, TubeMogul does not bid on the available impression. The integration is the result of an extensive market test after which Proximic was chosen as a preferred partner due to its superior performance in flagging the broadest range of inappropriate content.

PlaySafe uses proprietary technology to detect ad unit and video player size and other attributes to determine whether the unit is true or fake pre-roll. Fake pre-roll includes pre-rolls auto-playing within small and below-the-fold video players as well as within banner ad spaces. In both of these cases the viewer has no intention to watch the video — they simply loaded a website. To date, PlaySafe has blocked over 653 million fake pre-roll impressions”

Read the full release here.

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